Mehron Makeup Continues to Gain

Mehron Makeup in Woman's Day Magazine

The December 2010 Issue Woman's Day is the latest magazine to join a long list that have discovered Mehron Beauty Makeup and Accents during 2010. Each year of its over eighty year history, Mehron Makeup has continuously researched, developed and formulated Makeup using selected ingredients. Throughout the decades long history of Mehron Makeup has been an innovator of beauty enhancing and accenting products that have met the demands of the times. 2010 has been a pivotal year for Mehron in the area of Press recognition, it has however been a recognized leader in Professional Theatrical Makeup since 1927.

In 2010, Mehron introduced the future of Foundation Makeup with the unveiling of Celebré Pro HD Foundation Make-Up , a non greasy, buildable Foundation Makeup that will hold up to even the scrutiny of High Definition film and video. Celebré Pro HD Foundation Make-Up is naturally based, containing ingredients that are not only safe for the skin, but are also historically known to protect and heal the skin. Celebré Pro HD Make-Up contains the powerful antioxidants of the pomegranate, the aloe vera plant, and Vitamin E, ingredients that you would expect to find in high end skin serums. Mehron Makeup, Innovators of Beauty Makeup, has instilled these skin protectorates in the Foundation of the Future that is available today.

The December 2010 Issue of Woman's Day highlights a Mehron Makeup Accent that has been a secret weapon of Beauty Makeup Artists around the world, Metallic Powder by Mehron. Metallic Powder by Mehron has turned into a word of mouth phenomenon throughout the last couple of years. Mentioned by Hillary Duff in a People Style Interview as the Makeup Accent that she uses to give her the Eye Look that highlights the beauty of her eyes. Metallic Powder by Mehron was artfully used with Mehron Mixing Liquid at the 2009 and 2010 Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Like the December 2010 Issue of Woman's Day Magazine, Fashion Magazines, Blogs, and the Beauty Industry Press has been extolling the individuality that can be achieved by accenting with Metallic Powder by Mehron. Most of the Press is focused on using Metallic Powder as an eye makeup accent. Combined with Mixing Liquid by Mehron, Metallic Powder becomes a shimmering, light reflective liquid makeup that can be used in ways limited only by your imagination. The ultra fine granulation of Mehron Metallic Powder, available in Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze easily and completely mixes with Mehron Mixing Liquid to create a non clumping, smooth shimming liquid accenting makeup, to shadow, spotlight, brighten, shine any makeup look.

The Fashion Secret is out, Mehron Metallic Powder

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