The Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day Parade Clowns

With New York City being one of the largest media markets in the world, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade receives worldwide coverage and is seen as The Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is not however the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the USA is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, originally sponsored by by Macy's arch rival in the retail department store business, Gimbels. Sponsored by Gimbels and known as the Gimbels Day Thanksgiving Day Parade until 1986, the traditional continues under a new name. The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is now sponsored by 6abc, a local television outlet and IKEA, a destination specialty store. Tied with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the second oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the USA is America's Thanksgiving Day Parade held in Detroit, MI and begun in 1924 by the J.L.Hudson Company Department Store.

All three of these traditional American Thanksgiving Day Parades began only years before the foundation of America's Makeup Company, Mehron Makeup in 1927. In 2010, as the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day Parade continues in Detroit, New York and Philadelphia for over eighty years, Mehron Makeup is still a part of this American Tradition. All three of the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parades feature bands, floats, balloons, clowns and entertainment stars. Since 1927 the Clowns of the Thanksgiving Day Parades have counted on Mehron Clown Makeup to keep their makeup fresh from the first step to the last step of each of these Thanksgiving Day Parades. The Clowns for Thanksgiving Day Parades arrive early to apply their Clown Makeup and need it t last no matter what the weather conditions. White Face Clowns, Auguste Clowns and Hobo Clowns all know that Mehron Clown Makeup will look the same at the end of the parade as it did in the beginning.

As the stars of Broadway began to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Parades, Mehron Theatrical Makeup also began playing a starring role along the Thanksgiving Day Parade Routes. Durable, long lasting, cake free Professional Theatrical Makeup continues to be the Makeup of choice for the Entertainment Community that participates in this great American Thanksgiving Tradition. With Singers and Dancers becoming a bigger part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade line of march, Mehron Dancer's Makeup is there for them. When the characters of film and television join the parade, Mehron Character Makeup, Studio and Stage Makeup and Body Painting Makeup are all available to them, allowing them to keep their look from start to finish.

As Face Painters join the clowns in entertaining the young and young at heart, Mehron Face Painting Makeup has joined the other Mehron Makeup Collections in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Professional Face Painting Makeup Artists know that Mehron Face Painting Makeup offer them a quick, easy, true color application, that will not run, crack or smear in on the coldest of Thanksgiving Day Parade Days.

Throughout the decades, the Thanksgiving Day Parades have grown in size, and variety, one thing has remained the same, Mehron Makeup has been there as a tool for the Clowns, Performers and the Audience to bring true lively durable color to the festivities of the Thanksgiving Tradition of these and all American Thanksgiving Day Parades. The final Star of each of these iconic Thanksgiving Day Parades is Santa Claus, who can count on Mehron Makeup Hair White to make his white hair a pure consistent white and Mehron Face Painting Makeup to maintain his rich rosy cheeks on a cold or warm day. Each Year as Santa Claus makes his appearance for the Season at the Thanksgiving Day Parades, he wants to look his best in person and on Television, Mehron Studio and Stage Makeup is ready to help.

Santa Claus Arrives at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

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