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Mehron Makeup a World of Makeup

Mehron Beauty Makeup is like a secret that has been let out of the bag. With successful presentations during the last three New York City Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in conjunction with International Fashion Designers, and an exclusive showing at Rock Fashion Week in Miami, the Beauty Press continues to discover the Beauty Makeup Products of Mehron and to recommend them wholeheartedly. Writing for Fashion 360 Magazine in the Fashion/Style Section, writer Kenya Joseph gave Mehron Beauty Makeup Products a stellar review. Not only did Kenya Joseph appreciate the newer additions to the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection such as Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , the article also called attention to Mehron Beauty Products that Professional Makeup Artists have been using for years, such as Barrier Spray and the gorgeously rich colors of L.I.P Liner Pencils and the true life colors of eye makeup available through Mehron.

Writer Kenya Joseph related the long history of Mehron Makeup and worked it throughout his article as he realized that Mehron Beauty Makeup did not just pop up as another passing fad, but has been building a reputation of quality and consistency in the world of Professional Makeup for over eight decades. Kenya is right to say, " Mehron Takes pride in paying homage to their storied history", for it is a history that is unmatched in the production of Makeup. The Article by Kenya Joseph hints at a history that includes providing makeup to stars and wounded servicemen alike. The History of Mehron Makeup, Founded in the New York City in 1927 is a living history that continues to live and add to the legacy over eighty years later.

Once an exclusive secret of Professional Performers, then of Makeup Artists, Mehron Makeup counts as their loyal clients, the Clowns of the World, Dancers, Ballerinas, Opera Stars, Broadway Stars, Hollywood Stars, Music Stars from every style for over eighty years, Fashion Models, Face Painters, Body Painters, Special Effects Makeup Artists and now everyone as the secret of Mehron Beauty Makeup is revealed by articles like that written by Kenya Joseph in Fashion 360 Magazine.

Throughout the years, Professional Makeup Artists assigned to the dressing rooms of Theaters, Ballets, Operas, Modern Dance and the sets of Hollywood and Burbank, have reached in to their Makeup Kits and applied the Professional Makeup of Mehron, within the industry the name was known, so much so that in the 1950's, when the Television Game Show, "What's My Line" wanted to feature Mehron Makeup as the maker of False Eyelashes they had to invite the wife of the founder to be the guest because the name Mehron would instantly be recognized by the celebrity panel.

Mehron is proud of its storied History and continues to add to its History with each new innovative makeup product introduction across all Makeup Lines, from Clown Makeup to High Fashion Beauty Makeup, from Special Effects Makeup to everyday Beauty Makeup. Mehron continues to be proud of its history of producing, innovating, researching and perfecting Makeup for everyone. As Mehron Makeup continues to receive write-ups and media features, it is no longer the secret that only the Professional Makeup Artist reaches for, it is the secret that everyone is whispering about.

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