The Ghost of Christmas Past is Present

The Mehron Blog, now in its third Holiday Season has recommended the gift of Makeup for the people on your Holiday Gift List. The Gift of Professional Mehron Makeup is an ideal Christmas Gift for people in all walks of life. Mehron Makeup offers Makeup Collections for everyone, from Beauty Makeup for everyday wear to specialized Makeup for Clowns, Thespians, Dancers and Face and Body Painters. The focus of the November 12, 2008 Mehron Blog was the expansive Palette for the Face and Body Painter and was entitled:

A Christmas Makeup Gift

Christmas Makeup Gift Do you have a creative artist on your Christmas gift giving list? You know the one who is imaginative, creative, and inspired by colors. A person that just loves the idea of a new way to use colors, maybe an aspiring Face Painter or Body Painter. Mehron, the Face and Body Painting Makeup innovator has just the gift for you. You will be giving a Christmas Makeup Gift that is on the Christmas list of Professional Makeup Artists and Face and Body Painters throughout the world.

The perfect Christmas Makeup Gift for the inspired Makeup Artist either Professional or Student is the 30 Color Palette of Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron. This Water Activated Makeup was developed in conjunction with Jinny, an award winning Body Painter with an International reputation for innovative Body Painting Designs. A Makeup Christmas Gift of Paradise Makeup AQ will definitely excite even the Professional Makeup Artist, image the thank you that you will receive when you present the student or inquisitive Makeup Artist with A Makeup Christmas Gift containing a sturdy plastic Makeup Kit with thirty of the vibrant colors of Paradise Makeup AQ.

This Christmas Makeup Present will bring hundreds of hours of creative fun for a student of Makeup or a lover of colorful Professional Makeup made by the leading Theatrical Makeup folks at Mehron. If you should be lucky enough to have a Professional Makeup Artist on your Christmas gift giving list, you don't have to search the world for an appropriate Christmas Makeup Gift for them, this is it. Face Painters and Body Painters will immediately recognize the Paradise Makeup AQ label and the Mehron name and they will remember your Christmas Gift throughout the year as they relish the color selection of high quality water activated world famous Makeup by Mehron

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