The New Begining

2010, The Year of Mehron Makeup

The last day of 2010 is not just the end of a decade, it is the beginning of a new and exciting time in the long history of Mehron. Founded in 1927 in New York City, Mehron has been serving the Makeup needs of the Professional Theatrical Community, Innovations in Beauty Makeup and the Makeup Choice of Award Winning Face Painting Makeup Artists and Body Painting Makeup Artists around the world.

2010 was a banner year for Mehron Makeup introductions including Celebré Pro HD Make-Up, The Makeup Foundation for the High Definition Era,that provides flawless coverage in hues for any skin tone on earth, made with time tested skin caring and protecting ingredients to naturally enhance and highlight the beauty of your skin. Re-introduced to the Beauty Makeup Collection of Mehron was an updated and versatile line of New! E.Y.E. Lashes, a product that the Mehron Founder, Mehron Melik took great pride in when first introduced during the heyday of the Showgirl and Night Club Era of the 1950's.

For Face Painting Makeup Artists and Body Painting Makeup Artists, Mehron complimented its world renowned collection with the Mark Reid™ Signature Brush Set, made to the detailed specifications of the Award Winning Body Painting Artist, Mark Reid. The Mark Reid™ Signature Brush Set was released in conjunction with Mark Reid™ GlitterMark an easy to use Body Painting Accent Makeup. Expanding the Paradise Makeup AQ water based cake makeup, co-created by the incomparable Jinny, the First Lady of Face Painting, Mehron introduced Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet , an extraordinary addition to the Makeup of Face Painting and Body Painting Makeup Artists. Airbrush Template for the working Face Painting Makeup Artists were added to cut the time when doing mass Face Paintings at events.

The entire Line of Halloween Makeup was revamped and repackaged with updated instructions and detailed photos so that everyone can achieve Character Creation with Makeup for Halloween, Theatrical Productions, Costume Parties and Masquerade Balls.

In 2010, the Beauty Press of the World took notice of Mehron, featuring and recommending Mehron Beauty Makeup in Magazine and Feature Stories touting the effectiveness, color saturation, natural ingredients, durability and Beauty Enhancing Properties of the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection.

Throughout 2010, Mehron Makeup made appearances at The Grammy Awards, New York Fashion Week, and Face and Body Painting Competitions around the world, with First Place Awards going to Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists sponsored by Mehron Face and Body Painting Makeup. Mehron sponsored and participated in many Makeup Events, Conventions and Competitions throughout the year where Mehron Makeup Artists wore the coveted MEHRON Tanks , apparel that throughout the years has been absconded from Mehron Makeup Artists at these events. Mehron has now made the official MEHRON Tanks. available to everyone.

2011 promises to be another year of Mehron Makeup innovations and introductions that will expand and enhance all of the Mehron Makeup Collection from Clown Makeup to Extreme Beauty Makeup. The Researchers and Developers of Mehron Makeup work throughout the year to perfect and improve Mehron Makeup for the Professional Makeup Artist which benefits everyone who uses Makeup.

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