The Champs Have Been Decided

Team Makeup for Fans

Sunday January 23. 2011 was Championship Sunday in the USA for American Football, The National Football League (NFL) Divisional Championships were played in two outdoor stadiums in the coldest weather of the Season. The Green Bay Packers, hailing from Green Bay Wisconsin outlasted the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL to become the National Football League Conference Champions. The Pittsburgh Steelers held off the surging New York Jets at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA to capture the American Football Conference Championship. Both games were played in temperatures that that never went beyond 17 degrees Fahrenheit, yet NFL Football Fans sat through the battles, most were bundled up beyond recognition, but Television Cameramen did capture shots of die-hard fans in Face Paint and Body Paint in in the frigid weather.

The Green Bay Packers will now meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Cowboy Stadium located in Arlington, Texas, USA for the ultimate NFL Trophy, The 2011 Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. In a domed stadium, where weather will not be a factor and for a game that has more of a festive atmosphere, Fans in Face Paint and Body Paint in their team colors will be in abundance. Hours before the game starts at Cowboy Stadium on February 6, 2011 in Arlington Texas, Fans will be enjoying the outdoor festivities around the Stadium, which surely will include Freelance Face Painting Makeup Artists and Body Painting Makeup Artists using Lux Airbrush Makeup in the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Black, Gold and White, and the Green Bay Packers colors of Green and Gold. Those fans who are able to have a Professional Face Painting or Body Painting Makeup by a Makeup Artist using LUX Airbrush Makeup will be ready for the high definition live broadcast of Super Bowl XLV. LUX Airbrush Makeup by Mehron was introduced in 2009 to meet the demands and scrutiny of the High Definition Video Age. Formulated in a natural base of green tea and water, Lux Airbrush Makeup is highly pigmented and vitamin enriched to be gentle on the skin while providing an even water resistant coverage that will last throughout even the longest Super Bowl Game. Lux Airbrush Makeup dries quickly and evenly proving the perfect colors for fans of either of the Super Bowl Contestants.

For fans who like to paint themselves using brushes, Mehron offers Paradise Makeup AQ, the water activated cake based makeup that is applied as easily as using water paints. Paradise Makeup AQ with is even pigmentation that won't fade with water is a co-creation of Jinny, World Famous Makeup Artist, and President of Jinny Make-Up Artiste based in Canada. Paradise Makeup AQ is available in plethora of colors including the colors of the Super Bowl Teams.

For a safe, effective premixed liquid makeup that can be applied with brushes, Mehron offers Liquid Makeup For Face, Body and Hair. Like LUX Airbrush Makeup and Paradise Makeup AQ, Liquid Makeup for Face, Body and Hair is made in the USA by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, from selected, safe ingredients that is the Champion of Face and Body Painting Makeup. For the Championship, only the Championship Makeup will do. If you don't choose Mehron Makeup, the innovators of Face and Body Painting Makeup, at least choose makeup. Acrylic Paint, Poster Paint and Spray Paint are not meant to be applied to the skin and are harmful to your health. Enjoy the Game of Champions, in the Makeup of Champions, Mehron Face and Body Painting Makeup.

Special Note: The Half Time Show for Super Bowl XLV will feature The Black Eyed Peas, who are fans of Mehron Makeup and use it in their stage performances. To see Mehron Makeup Live on Stage, be sure to catch the Half Time Show performed by The Black Eyed Peas.

The Champion Makeup, Mehron

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