Christams is over & the new year begins!

Hello everyone.
i hope you all had an amazing Christmas, mine was quiet really but nice and festive, this might of been because we had tones of snow in the UK around Christmas and it was still deep on Christmas day, since i was small i had always wished for snow but now have changed my mind, if it snows and lingers for a few days, no, I'm not complaining but if it snows and sticks around for weeks on end and ruins my plans NO THANK YOU! but the snow has all gone now and things are back to normal well ish...

This is going to sound so cliche as many people say this in the new year but i honestly think this is a new start for me, I'm hook on doing school work which is good for my grades and i feel refreshed and happier, maybe this is the new me looking forward to the future, many of you may know that I'm in my last year at school (year 11) and i Am excited about what is next, I know that i want to stay on for sixth for and study psychology, health and social care, IT and English language. But it's the fact that I'm getting older and becoming more independent by the day! I LOVE IT! i can be my own person and make my own decisions.
2010 was the worst year ever and now some making up is much needed, please make 2011 a good one!

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