Is it Halloween Yet?

Halloween Makeup by Mehron

In a way it is always Halloween at Mehron Makeup, leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. The researchers and chemists at Mehron are always busy experimenting, testing and formulating the Theatrical Makeup that is still produced in the USA free from animal testing, made from selected ingredients for steadfast color and durability. From the foundation of Theatrical Makeup which has been used to create characters for Studio and Stage since 1927, Mehron has easily taken the step into producing the most effective, easy to use Halloween Makeup.

The Marketing Staff and Sales Staff of Mehron begin thinking about and planning for the next Halloween on November 1. Makeup Stores and Halloween Retailers get ready in January to attend the largest Halloween & Party Expo which will be held in Houston, Texas, USA on January 22-25, 2011 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The Mehron Team is eager to head to Houston and present Mehron Halloween Makeup to the retailers of the Halloween Industry. Preparing the Mehron Exhibition that will be make its home at Booth 937 of The Halloween & Party Expo as a Featured Exhibitor, the Mehron Marketing and Sales Team is ready to show Retailer Halloween Buyers easy to use Halloween Makeup Character Sets, specially packaged to include everything a customer needs to create the Halloween Character that they choose. Not only has Mehron Makeup Artists selected all the necessary Mehron Makeup to create the pictured Halloween Character on each Halloween Character Makeup Set, they have also taken the time to write and photographer free detailed instructional sheets to guide everyone through the process of using Professional Theatrical Makeup to create their Halloween Character.

Along with Halloween Makeup Character Sets, Mehron, at Booth 937 of the Halloween & Party Expo, will showcase the complete line of Mehron Makeup from Clown Makeup to Special Effects Makeup, including the Face Painting Makeup and Body Painting Makeup that Award Winning Makeup Artists around the globe when they compete against each other at Festivals throughout the world. This Award Winning Face and Body Painting Makeup includes the popular Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Collection, co-created by Jinny, the Chief Makeup Artist at Cirque du Soleil special events, and an Award Winning Makeup Artist who travels the world presenting her art. Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet the latest addition to the Paradise Makeup AQ Collection, co-created by Jinny, will be at the Mehron Makeup Exhibit in Houston.

Along with Mehron Fashion Makeup that has starred on the Fashion Runways of New York Fashion Week, Mehron Beauty Makeup, that stars in everyone's daily life, Studio and Stage Makeup that has graced the faces of entertainment stars, Mehron will present live demonstrations of Makeup Applications at The Halloween & Party Expo in Houston, Texas, USA. Featured Makeup Artists at the Mehron Exhibition Booth 937 will show Halloween Retailer Buyers the depth of the Mehron Makeup Line along with the Tools of the Trade used by Professional Makeup Artists around the world which includes Mark Reid™ Signature Brush Set the newest addition to the professional makeup tools produced at Mehron. Mark Reid™ GlitterMark, the easiest, most durable way to add glittering accents to any Makeup Application will be premiering in Texas.

The Halloween & Party Expo in Houston Texas, is an Industry Event aimed at the buyers who will stock their stores with the Halloween Makeup that the consumer will be offered for Halloween 2011. With only 286 Days till Halloween, it is never too early for you to think about Halloween.

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