The Magic of Jinny on YouTube

The Hands of Jinny, Makeup Artist, applying Paradise Makeup Detailz by Mehron

Jinny, Co-Creator of Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron, the water activated cake makeup that is favored by Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists throughout the world, has posted instructional videos to her YouTube Channel. In these close encounter videos with Jinny and her Art, the viewer can see exactly how she uses her tools and makeup to create the magical makeup looks that has made her a sought after instructor in Makeup Application. As the President of Jinny Make-Up Artiste, located in Canada, Jinny has traveled the world as a Freelance Makeup Artist, Makeup Instructor and Participant in Makeup Competitions.

Now, through the revolution of YouTube, you can watch as Jinny uses Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Brushes, including the recently introduced Velvety Velour Smoothy Brush to create an Artistic Eye Design using Paradise Makeup AQ, Diamond Lashes by Mehron, Paradise Detailz, and a Latex Foam Sponge Applicator on Model Mylene Rioux. It is amazing to watch how her talented hands create an Artistic Eye Makeup Look with grace and ease. Watch as Jinny shows you how to properly use Glittermark, Paradise Detailz and Paradise Makeup AQ to fashion an Extreme Beauty Makeup Eye Look.

In another video that Jinny has produced and posted to her YouTube Channel, she takes the viewer into the the magical three dimensional Makeup Painting that she creates with Paradise Makeup AQ and Paradise Makeup AQ Brushes on Model Karl Rioux. Combining Gem Powder with Paradise Makeup AQ, Jinny creates a three dimensional looking horn with what seems like a few strokes. Makeup Artists and those fascinated by the Art of Makeup will find these videos by Jinny, Chief Makeup Artist of Cirque du Soleil, a captivating experience.

Jinny, nicknamed First Lady of Face Painting, is also an accomplished Body Painting Artist. One of her specialties is painting the bellies of Mothers to Be, turning them into living art with Paradise Makeup AQ. Jinny shares her Belly Paintings in a Video entitled, Mothers To Be, on her YouTube Channel. All of the videos posted by Jinny on her YouTube Channel have descriptive instructions in both English and French, as she hails from French Speaking Canada and is fluent in both languages. After watching her current Videos, you can subscribe to the Jinny MUA Channel on YouTube and be notified as Jinny posts more videos to her online YouTube Collection. One can only image where Jinny finds the time to be a Makeup Instructor, Makeup Consultant and a Practicing Freelance Makeup Artist traveling around the world, but she does, and she has plans to expand the current video selection on the Jinny MUA YouTube Chanel.

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