Makeup For Football Fans

Show your Team Colors with Professional Face and Body Painting Makeup by Mehron

Playoff fever is sweeping the Nation, the National Football League Championship Games are this weekend with four teams competing for the Championship in two divisions in the USA. United States National Football Fans are as fervent as Football Fans around the world. Fans attending the games in freezing cold weather painted in their favorite team colors has become a common sight on live television broadcasts. For the die hard fans who are willing to expose their skin to the frigid temperatures of the NFL Stadiums with painted bodies, a word of caution, Besides the health risks involved in attending football games in temperatures that often range below the freezing mark, acrylic paint, spray paint and poster paint are NOT the way to paint your skin. Acrylic Paints contain ammonia ans formaldehyde, which can cause long term respiratory lung damage. The Proper way to show your team colors is with Professional Body Painting Makeup, made with ingredients that are safe for your skin and lungs.

Two of the most popular Body Painting Makeup Products are Liquid Makeup for Face, Body and Hair, and Paradise Makeup AQ. Both of these Professional Body Painting Makeup Products by Mehron offer a wide selection of colors and can be applied with a brush. Paradise Makeup AQ, is a water activated cake makeup that is as easy to use as a watercolor set, just wet the brush, rub the cake and apply. Paradise Makeup AQ is available in individual cakes and now in Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet which have multiple colors in the same cake.Paradise Makeup AQ is the choice of Professional Body Painting Artists and Face Painting Makeup Artists throughout the world.

Liquid Makeup for Face, Body and Hair is as easy to use as shaking the bottle, dipping in the brush and painting. Available is all the colors needed by Football Fans, this easy to use liquid makeup comes in a variety of sizes. For the individual, Liquid Makeup for Face, Body and Hair comes in the 1 ounce size with brush, 4.5 ounces for more than one person, 16 ounces if you want to paint a carload of fans and a one gallon jug if you need to paint an entire section of fans at the game.

Face Painting and Body Painting for Football Fans or for any occasion should be done, the safe effective way with Professional Face and Body Painting Makeup by Mehron. When the game or party is over, removing Professional Face and Body Painting Makeup is as easy as washing with soap and warm water. You won't have to stay home from work the next day because you can't get the paint off, with Professional Face and Body Painting Mehron, you can show your colors, and remove them when you want. Don't risk long term health effects by using paint that was never meant to be applied to skin, use Face and Body Painting Makeup that was specifically formulated for your skin.

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