Mehron Beauty in American Beauty Magazine

Mehron Beauty in American Beauty Magazine

The December 2010 Issue of American Beauty Magazine, the beauty magazine geared towards Models, is the latest beauty publication to spotlight Beauty Makeup from the Mehron Beauty Collection. In two separate article inserts, readers are directed to Mehron Beauty Makeup. In an insert entitled, Beauty Counter, it explains how Makeup Artist Pat McGrath, working on the eyes of the Models at the 2010 New York Runway Show of Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin in Paris, achieved the Makeup Eye Look at these shows. Mehron E.Y.E. Cream in Jet Black is spotlighted as the base Makeup for the inner and outer eyelid.

Mehron Jet Black E.Y.E. Cream offers a depth of pure black not found in other eye makeup. The highly concentrated pigmentation of this silky, smooth creamy eye wear makeup produces a consistently pure black color time after time. If you choose a light application or a thicker application, the Jet Black Color will show true, won't crack and feel natural smooth and silky. When Black is the eye look you want, E.Y.E. Cream is a true, rich, deep black. In the early years of Theatrical Makeup, the black and white silent films of the infancy of the Film Industry, Black was the most important color for the eyes of the actresses of the era. Mehron Makeup has been producing Black and White Makeup since its establishment in 1927 for the Performers of Studio and Stage. With over eight decades of producing Black for the Professional Theatrical Community, Mehron Makeup knows how to make a true, rich, black that won't fade or crack, a Black that is defining, alluring, arresting and seductive. The Entertainment Community counts on a true black for stage performers so that even the last row of the audience in the last row of the theater experiences the colors of the Performers Makeup. Performers in front of the camera need a Black Eye Makeup that will show true in closeups as well as wide shots, Mehron Makeup has been shipping Professional Theatrical Makeup to Thespians around the world since 1927. Even if you are not appearing on the Paris Runway, The Stage of New York, or on the Set of Hollywood, the same, rich Jet Black formulated for the Professional Performer is now available to all from the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection, in an affordable consumer size.

Elsewhere in the December 2010 issue of American Beauty magazine, L.I.P. Cream in Wild Plum is shown. L.I.P. Cream is the Mehron answer to Lip coloring that offers protection, softness, and color definition to highlight the beauty of lips. With a built in hydrating cream to keep lips protected, soft and supple, L.I.P. Cream is the professional way to apply lip coloring in sixteen lusciously inviting colors. Wild Plum is joined by other delicious colors in the L.I.P. Cream Family, including, Big Apple, Bubble Gum, Chocolate Cherry, Cotton Candy and Raspberry. This Professional Lip Coloring Makeup offers the lavishly seductive colors of Autumn Sun, Cherry Wood, Valentine and Velvet Roses, along with the fun colors, Fiesta, Petal Pink,Poppy, Sunburst and Zinnia. To not leave anyone out, L.I.P. Cream is also available in Natural.

As Mehron Beauty Makeup continues to be spotlighted by the Industry Press for Makeup Artists, Models and Performers, it is important to remember that they are highlighting a Makeup Line that Mehron has developed for the ultimate stars, the individual consumer. Every Product in the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection is expertly packaged in individual consumer sizes at affordable prices so that everyone may experience the same Professional Makeup used by the Models of High Fashion Runway Shows, the Thespians of Theater, The Dancers of Lincoln Center and the Performers of Television and Screen. You don't have to be a Model to subscribe to American Beauty Magazine, and you certainly don't have to be a Model to use Mehron Beauty Makeup.

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