Mehron in Life & Style Weekly Magazine

Mehron E.Y.E Cream in Life & Style Weekly Magazine

Throughout the last couple of years, Mehron Beauty Makeup has been sneaking out of the Makeup Kits of Professional Makeup Artists and finding its way into homes around the world. With a starring role in the hands of the Mehron Makeup Artists Team, Mehron Beauty Makeup made appearances at the last three Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Shows. Since its premier appearance at the September 2009 New York Fashion Show, Mehron Beauty Makeup has been highlighted in Fashion Magazines, Beauty Magazines, Spa Publications and Beauty and Fashion Blogs. Each Week another publication seems to find Mehron Beauty and lets their readers know about it.

The January 3, 2011 Issue of Life & Style Weekly Magazine, lets their readers know about E.Y.E Cream in a style insert that features Gold Makeup, for the dazzling look. Gold is one of only thirteen colors that are in the E.Y.E Cream Lineup of Mehron Beauty Makeup. As with all of the products in the Mehron Makeup Beauty Collection, E.Y.E Cream has evolved from the Makeup of The Stars that Mehron has been producing for over eight decades for the Professional Theatrical Community. The same research, development, and selected ingredients that Mehron has always formulated for the faces of Studio and Stage Performers is built into the making of every Mehron Beauty Makeup Product.

E.Y.E Cream is a versatile eye makeup that can be used as an eye shadow, eye liner, or top powder. Its silky smooth texture never feels smothering, yet its long lasting durability never quits even on the longest days and nights. With an intensely concentrated pigmentation, the colors of E.Y.E Cream project the same true color every time.

The January 3, 2011 Issue of Life & Style Weekly Magazine, was focusing on this years new "black", gold, E.Y.E Cream comes in a true black that will always be in style, Jet Black. Whether, highlighting, contouring, or accenting the beauty of your eyes, E.Y.E Cream is ready with over a dozen fashion silky smooth refreshing colors that include Amethyst Purple, Silver, Turquoise, Deep Blue and Yellow. For any Fashion Eye Look apply E.Y.E Cream over, under or around your eyes in colors that will compliment your personal look. E.Y.E Cream even includes outrageous colors such as Light Chrome Green, seductive colors like Chestnut Brown, and mysterious colors like Slate Grey. All the colors of E.Y.E Cream are evenly pigmented for the same true color time after time. As with all Mehron Beauty Makeup Products E.Y.E. Cream is manufactured in the USA free from animal testing and formulated using safe, selected, quality ingredients so that your skin never feels suffocated, yet you know that the color you put on eight hours ago is the color that is still showing.

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