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Celebré Pro HD Make-Up in Your Beauty Industry Magazine

The Makeup Industry has known Mehron for over eighty years as The Professional Theatrical Makeup Company, the Company that produces Clown White Makeup, Clown Pink Makeup, Stage Blood, Squirt Blood and Coagulated Blood for Studio and Stage. As far back as the roaring '20, Mehron Makeup was crossing the line from the Makeup of The Performers to The Makeup of the Audiences. Established in 1927 by Mehron Melik, Mehron has added to their Makeup Portfolio throughout the decades. During the heyday of the Night Club Era, Mehron was providing the Beauty Makeup for the Showgirls in the spotlight. During this era, Mehron developed False Eyelashes with a patented case for the beauties of the Night Club Stages. Continuing in the tradition of Makeup Innovation, Martin Melik, Son of the Founder and current President of Mehron has directed the expansion of the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection.

Building on the foundation built by decades in the Professional Theatrical Makeup Industry, Mehron has taken their knowledge of Makeup, its pigmentation, its colorfast durability and applied it to producing Beauty Makeup for everyday wear. For three shows in a row Mehron Beauty Makeup was featured on the runways of New York Fashion Week. In 2010, Mehron introduced The Makeup Foundation of The Future, with the introduction of Celebré Pro HD Make-Up based upon decades of producing the Foundation for The Stars of Stage and Screen, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up is the Foundation for every skin tone in the high definition digital age. Since its sneak preview on the Runway of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, and its Premier at The Makeup Show New York in May 2010, Makeup Artists, Fashion Magazines, Beauty Magazines, and Spa Magazines have called attention to Celebré Pro HD Make-Up .

The media coverage of the Foundation of The Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up has been rewarding and gratifying. Mehron Beauty Makeup is no longer the secret name that only Professional Beauty Makeup Artists know, it has become the name that is making waves throughout the Beauty Makeup Industry. In the current issue of Your Beauty Industry Magazine, Vol 4-2010, Debra Macki, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Designer and Instructor, writes about Celebré Pro HD Make-Up, calling it, "the perfect addition to the Pro Makeup Artists Kit". Just as Mehron has been advertising about its newest addition introduction, Ms. Macki concurs, " Its not greasy and works well on all skin types." Like Mehron, Your Beauty Industry Magazine is a well known brand throughout the Makeup Industry, when an inside the industry magazine takes notice of a new arrival, it is certainly an honor.

Your Beauty Industry Magazine, although an Industry Insider Magazine, is, like Mehron, breaking through to the general public and is available to subscribers. Whether a Professional in the Beauty Industry or not, anyone can now subscribe to this inside look at the Beauty Industry, and anyone can certainly buy Celebré Pro HD Make-Up in a hue that is perfect for their skin tone. For Cosmeticians and Makeup Artists in Salons and Spas, there is the Celebré Pro HD Make-Up 20 Color Palette ,for individuals, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up is available in the single serving size in a hue that is just for you.

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