Face of the day 12/02/11

Now it's time for the excuses to come out, I'm so sorry i haven't posted a video or a blog post in a while, i honestly have been at my busiest. Before i started my job i had the weekend to pre-record videos to ensure i had some prepared but i have none! and don't have much time either. And to be honest i feel really unmotivated, school is taking it out of me and i just cannot be bothered to post. I have ran out of ideas too! i don't know what you all want. But anyway, tonight i felt slightly bored so i thought i would post a face of the day:D
Products used:
- sally Hansen natural beauty primer
- maybeline green concealer
- bourjois healthy mix foundation
- superdrug 2true 2 in 1 concealer
- sleek flamingo blush
- barryM kohl pencil (black)
-collection 2000 big fake lashes mascara
- Mua lipstick (shade 11)

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