A Look Back at Fashion Week

September 2009 was the premiere of Mehron Makeup on the Runways of New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. February 2011 will mark the fourth appearance of Mehron at this prestigious fashion event. As the Fashion World recognizes the depth of the Mehron Makeup Fashion Line which includes the newest introduction in the world of Foundation Makeup, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , Mehron Makeup will again be proudly teaming up with Fashion Designer Toni Francesc to present a complete Fashion Look. This year, The Mehron Makeup Team will be led by Fashion Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido. The innovative fashion collection that will be present in New York by Mr. Francesc, will be enhanced and completed by the Makeup Artistry of Ms. Mgido. Tonight the Mehron Blog reaches back to the archives for a Blog that was originally posted on September 6, 2009 before Mehron Makeup made its Fashion Runway Debut in a Blog entitled:

Keep Your Eyes on the Runway

Mehron and Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekOnly a few days until the world's top fashion designers converge on the runways of New York City. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week begins on September 10th and runs through the 17th. The 2009 Fashion Week marks the first year that Mehron will be a major participant in New York Fashion Week. Teaming up with Greek Fashion Designer Vassilios Kostestos, Mehron will present their ever expanding line of Extreme Beauty Makeup, a public premier in 2009 of Mehron's newest entries into the field of Beauty Makeup.

Fashion Week will demonstrate that Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, are now the innovators of fashion forward makeup to compliment any style. When Greek Fashion Designer Vassilios Kostestos' Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Models walk the runway, they will not only be showing off his latest creations, they will also be sporting the innovations that Mehron has introduced throughout 2009 in the field of Beauty Makeup.

E.Y.E Powder , New! E.Y.E. Lashes , CHEEK Powder , and L.I.P Liner Pencil are only a few of the Mehron Extreme Beauty Makeup Products that will be taking to the runways of the prestigious New York Fashion Week. The New York Fashion Week Models will also be wearing New! Velvet Finish Primer , a skin serum with the ability to heal, soothe, and hydrate the skin. The proprietary formula of New! Velvet Finish Primer Serum creates a smooth even skin texture which can be worn alone or under a Mehron foundation, such as Mehron's Celebré Professional m Make-Up. The models wearing New! Velvet Finish Primer won't be obvious, they will have skin that is being moisturized while they work, keeping them protected from the elements while maintaining the supple skin texture necessary for the hard working models of Fashion Week in New York.

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