Mehron Reaches New Heights for Garuda

Mehron Beauty Makeup

With Fashion Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido leading the Mehron Makeup Artist Team to compliment the presentation of the Fall 2011 Fashion Collection of Toni Francesc at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Mehron Makeup has reached a new plateau in the world of Beauty Makeup. A recent recipient of the 2011 Essence Beauty Makeup Award, Mehron Makeup continues to be in the spotlight of Professional Beauty Makeup. Mehron Makeup, a Leader in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, traces its makeup roots back to the 1800's. With a collection that is constantly being added to, Mehron Makeup brings innovation, color, durability and ease of application to every makeup line in its growing Collections of Makeup.

The challenge of accentuating the Clothing Designs of the Garuda Collection by Mr. Francesc was plotted by the conceptualization and color expertise of Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido beginning with the Foundation Makeup of the future introduced by Mehron at The New York Makeup Show in may 2010, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , a Foundation Makeup for every skin tone on earth, formulated with historically recognized skin nourishing ingredients. Along with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pomegranate, Mehron has formulated Celebré Pro HD Make-Up with their long history of color pigmentation knowledge, forming a Foundation Makeup ready and able for any skin tone in the Digital Age. The High Definition of the digital age shows no mercy to discoloration, blemishes or depth differentials, Celebré Pro HD Foundation Make-Up , surrenders nothing to the intensity of the era, it offers complete, pure, buildable coverage with skin tone matches that can not be separated even by the High Definition Camera closeup. In person, as on the Runways of Fashion Week, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , accentuates true color, with a smooth even color saturation mixed with nourishing skin ingredients.

After matching the hue of the Models Skin Tone with Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , the next step for Ms. Mgido and The Mehron Makeup Artist Team was to accent the clothing colors of The Garuda Collection by Mr. Francesc with colors representing the mythical bird. Garuda is represented throughout Mythology in various forms and colors that include, steel, grey, gold, and fiery red plumage. Just as the 2011 Fall Collection by Toni Francesc included the colors of the mythological Garuda, so too, did the choices from The Beauty Collection of Makeup from Mehron by Jackie Mgido. To represent the plumage of Garuda, the models were fitted with the famous Feather E.Y.E Lashes, a revolution in reusable eye lashes, built on a Mehron reputation for false eyelashes that goes back to the 1950's, when Mehron Melik, founder of Mehron, developer of reusable false eyelashes, and patent holder to the reusable eyelash case, introduced false eyelashes to the showgirls and performers of the night club era.

As the E.Y.E Lashes in the Feather Selection intimated the feathery plumage of Garuda, the silky smooth, E.Y.E. Powder in Black Onyx and Slate Grey was reminiscent of the strength and power of the mythical bird creature while accentuating the color selection of Fashion Collection being presented by Mr. Francesc. The final addition to the complimentary makeup for the Garuda that Ms. Mgido settled upon was the vibrant colors of Velvet Rose and Raspberry L.I.P. Cream, to represent the fiery red of Garuda and to compliment the fashions being displayed on the Runways by the Models of the 2011 Toni Francesc Fall Fashion Collection.

With the vast collection of Mehron Beauty Makeup in an stunning array of colors, any fashion can be complimented and individualized to satisfy the Look you want to achieve. Mehron continues to receive accolades in the world of Beauty Makeup and Fashion Makeup, adding to the legacy attained in Professional Theatrical Makeup for over eighty years. Unlike the early days of Mehron when only Professional Theatrical Performers had easy access to Mehron Theatrical Makeup, today, everyone has access to all the Mehron Makeup Collections through a Network of Worldwide Distributors and Authorized Mehron Retailers.

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