My Valentines day

Here comes the cheese! valentines day is officially over! gone! no more!. This year i didn't have a valentine, as i didn't the year before that and the year before that one. But it really doesn't bother me. As long as i have my friends and family i don't need anyone else right? WRONG!...

for a really long time i have really liked someone (NO NAMES), i was just about to pluck up the courage to tell him when BANNNG! he is going out with someone, someone that is everything I'm not, Pretty, thin, perfect, popular. It hit me like a ton of bricks. maybe if i had got in there quicker it would be different...
So valentines day was the biggy, i thought that i would be on a complete downer all day, i had a lesson with 'the boy' and yet again something clicked inside me. I don't like this lad, i just think he's hot and i don't even know him, not really. Yeah, he's funny and seems kind but do i know the real him?
So the point of this post? Don't learn to like/love someone, learn about them first!
and that was my VALLI DAY post.
I hope you all had an amazing day, boyfriend/girlfriend or without, just remember that every single one of you is loved, at least one person on this earth cares about you.
Loads of love
Jodie xxx

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