New York Times Video: 'Kruse" by Barnaby Roper

From The New York Times:

Fashion Week Video ‘Kruse’
Video, Women's FashionBy JUDITH PUCKETT-RINELLA February 11, 2011, 9:30 am

Barnaby Roper doesn’t do things by half. But he is not against the idea of using a 16-part grid. In his latest high-impact video, ‘Kruse,’ created exclusively for The Moment, Roper turns his lens on Christina Kruse, a ’90s catwalk queen and a talented artist in her own right. Kruse’s image is carved up into a digital chopping block that twists and turns and squeezes her through a series of kaleidoscopic formations. Look out for more videos from Roper as the year progresses — assuming the technology can keep up.

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