Paradise AQ Cake Makeup and Fashion

Pardise makeup AQ for any Makeup Look

Developed in conjunction with World Renowned Makeup Artist, Jinny, Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron is a water activated cake makeup currently available in over thirty color choices. Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron made its debut as part of the Mehron Face and Body Painting Makeup Line, however, since its introduction Makeup Artists have discovered the Fashion Look that can be achieved with this easy to use brush or sponge applicator makeup. Accenting Fashion Makeup with Paradise Makeup AQ, Paradise Detailz and Paradise Glitter adds a dynamically new and individual look to any fashion.

Paradise Makeup and Fashion
Photo by Richard Esposito at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

For the past two years Mehron Makeup has participated in the world's foremost Fashion Exhibition, New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The Team of Mehron Makeup Artists have used Paradise Makeup AQ as a Fashion Makeup Accent at the previous three Fashion Week Exhibitions, and with a fourth appearance scheduled for February 12, 2011 at 9:00 PM, at the unveiling of the newest Fashion Collection by Spanish Fashion Designer Toni Francesc, Paradise Makeup will again be in the Makeup Kits of the Team of Mehron Makeup Artists.

Favored by Award Winning Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists throughout the world, Paradise Makeup AQ is a makeup that can add its steadfast, consistent color to any Makeup Application. From Theatrical Makeup Applications to the Makeup of Cirque du Soleil, where Jinny, the co-creator of Paradise Makeup, is a makeup creator and consultant, this popular face and body painting water activated cake makeup continues to perform. Available in various palette sizes or in individual cakes, Paradise Makeup is a highly pigmented water activated makeup that can be used everyday to accent and highlight any Beauty Makeup. Paradise Makeup AQ and the complete line of Paradise Makeup Products, including the newly introduced Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma BlendSet is available to everyone at Authorized Mehron Retailers.

Jinny Signs a Work with Paradise Makeup AQ

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