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Mehron has been the place for Professional Theatrical Makeup and Professional Performance Makeup since 1927 with roots reaching back to the 1800's. Throughout the eighty years that Mehron Makeup has been catering to the demands of theatrical performers, certain makeup products have seeped out of the theatrical niche and into the mainstream. The True Jet Black Mascara was a favorite of the woman of the roaring twenties, while false eyelashes developed for the showgirls of the 40's, they were sought after by woman through all walks of life because of their quality and durability.

From decade to decade Mehron has constantly added to their Makeup Product Line that was once only for Professional Performers to include Beauty Makeup, Extreme Beauty Makeup and Fashion Makeup. Using the research and development knowledge gathered from decades of pigmentation and ingredient research while perfecting Theatrical Makeup, Mehron has introduced a line of everyday Beauty Makeup for everyone. The newest addition to the Beauty Makeup Collection is a breakout from the Theatrical Makeup Line, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up The Foundation Makeup of the Future, here today. With its skin soothing ingredients that include Pomegranate, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, mixed with the pigmentation expertise of Mehron, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up is THE Foundation Makeup for the High Definition Age. With its smooth buildable coverage and hue for every skin tone on earth, this is a Foundation Makeup for all the beautiful skin shades on earth.

To compliment Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , included in the Beauty Makeup Collection by Mehron is CHEEK Powder, E.Y.E Powder, L.I.P Liner Pencil, New! L.I.P. Color Cream, L.I.P. Color Cream, Celebré Lip Liner Pencil, New! Glosstone, CHEEK Cream, E.Y.E Cream in other words a beauty product for every need, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Not only does Mehron offer a full line of proprietary Beauty Makeup Made in the USA, free from animal testing, it offers it in an array of vibrant, true colors for any Beauty Look you are looking to achieve.

Mehron Beauty Makeup will again be appearing on the Fashion Runways of New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as part of the Toni Francesc Collection entitled, Garuda. The Makeup Artist Team led by Fashion Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido will highlight the beauty of the models presenting the Garuda Collection by Mr Francesc, using the complimentary colors of the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection.

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