Valentine's Makeup

Mehron Makeup for your Valentine LookGet your Valentine Look with Mehron Makeup, everything from pure natural foundation makeup to exotic Extreme Beauty Accents. No matter what your Valentine's plans are, Mehron Makeup has the Makeup for the Valentine Look that you want. For Valentine's Day and every day begin with Velvet Finish Primer, the proprietary skin serum, researched, developed and formulated by Mehron instilled with antioxidant vitamins to give your skin a smooth even texture. Next The Foundation Makeup of The Future, here today, with Mehron Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , a pure foundation makeup for the high definition age, in a hue that is perfect for you. For your eye lashes, Mehron has the Mascara that has highlighted the eye lashes of Professional Performers for decades with a true rich consistent color that you can count on every time. To contrast with the true rich deep color of Mehron Mascara , E.Y.E. Powder is a step beyond your everyday eyeshadow makeup, silky smooth, won't crack, bleed, or quit, with an array of consistently true highly pigmented colors for a rich, satin look, that feels exquisitely natural. Complimentary CHEEK Powder, is perfect to highlight and accent the contours and beauty of your cheeks, in colors that are beyond the ordinary.

For the more daring Valentine Look, blend Mehron Face and Body Painting Makeup with Mehron Extreme Beauty Makeup for a look that is uniquely you for Valentine's Day and everyday. Paradise Makeup AQ is the water activated cake makeup that is used by Professional Makeup Artists around the world, it comes in a fascinating rainbow of colors for every mood and look.

To add sparkle, glitz, and depth to your Makeup Look, Mehron Extreme Beauty Accents are ready for you to experience. Paradise Glitter, the perfect compliment to the colors of Paradise Makeup AQ, Celebré Precious Gem Powders, shimming silky smooth, radiant and luminescent, add a depth and excitement to your Makeup Look, are both Beauty Accents that are easy to use, yet look intriguing complex. If Gold, Silver, Bronze or Copper are the beauty enhancement colors for your look, Metallic Powder combined with Mixing Liquid, can give you the look that has starred on The Grammy Award Show and is used by Hilary Duff to achieve her unique eye look.

With the choices offered to you by Mehron Makeup, you can enhance, highlight, and accent a Look that is as individual as you, for Valentine's Day and every day. Mehron Makeup is the Makeup found in the Makeup Kits of Professional Makeup Artists in theatrical dressing rooms, on film sets, and in exclusive salons throughout the world, made in the USA, free from animal testing, Mehron has an over eighty year history of making beauty captivating.

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