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Mehron Makeup and the Toni Francesc Garuda Fashion Collection

On Saturday, February 12, 2011, at Lincoln Center The Studio, the curtain rises on another thematic fashion collection by Spanish Fashion Designer Toni Francesc as part of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. For this season, Mr. Francesc has entitled his collection Garuda, without seeing his newest creations one can only guess at how he will tie it all together.

Garuda an ancient mythical creature with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism has many incarnations throughout history. Depicted in various forms by cultures throughout thousands of years, Garuda is a larger than life eagle, a golden body man with a white face, red feathers and a crown, enormous predatory birds, and a bird with a wing span that is miles wide and when in flight can block out the sun and cause hurricanes. As each culture memorializes Garuda in sculpture and art, each also assigns different color schemes to it. In India culture the story of Garuda is described in the epic book, Mahabharata. Garuda is said to have hatched from an egg in a fiery inferno equal to a cosmic blast that engulfs the end of an age.

In Buddhism mythology the Garuda are depicted as predatory birds with an expansive wing span and are golden winged. In Indonesia lore Garuda is linked to the concept of a Phoenix and is a National Symbol. Depictions throughout the cultures and the ages vary from a red winged bird to a golden winged bird, all assign super powers and some a quest for immortality.

We can only guess at how the newest Fashion Collection named Garuda by Toni Francesc which will premier at the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show will intertwine with the mythology of Garuda. Will it be in the colors of red and gold, expansive flowing fabric, or the incorporation of a feathery look. When the curtain opens at 9:00 PM at The Studio in Lincoln Center, the world will witness how Mr. Francesc has interpreted the timeless myth of Garuda, and how the Mehron Makeup Artist Team led by Fashion Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido will accent the look with the true, bold vibrant colors of Mehron Makeup which they will choose from across all the Mehron Makeup Lines. We might see Face and Body Painting Makeup, Extreme Beauty Accents or Paradise Detailz and Mark Reid™ GlitterMark .

You are invited to experience Garuda by Spanish Fashion Designer Toni Francesc and complimented by Mehron Makeup through the Mehron Makeup Blog, which will cover the Garuda Collection by Toni Francesc unveiling in the days ahead.

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