Body Painting or Beauty Makeup?

Mark Reid™ GlitterMark by Mehron

The Mehron Makeup Product Line contains Makeup Collections that are specific to certain genres, such as Clown Makeup. Most of the Mehron Clown Makeup will never cross over in the Beauty Makeup Collection. Although the Beauty Makeup Collection by Mehron is built upon a knowledge base and experience derived from over eighty years of manufacturing Professional Theatrical Makeup, the Beauty Makeup Collection has products that were specially designed for everyday use by everyone. Some Makeup Products naturally cross over from one Makeup Category to another, such is the case with Mark Reid™ GlitterMark . Specifiably researched, designed, formulated and packaged to meet the needs of Award Winning Face and Body Painting Makeup Artist Mark Reid, a product that he felt was necessary and missing from the Makeup Kits of Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists around the world, Mark Reid™ GlitterMark has by customer demand crossed over into the Beauty Makeup Collection.

The Beauty Makeup Collection by Mehron has included Extreme Beauty Makeup Accents for years. Within the Beauty Makeup Collection, the sub-category of Extreme Beauty Makeup Accents contains cosmetic glitter products for dazzling beauty effects, GlitterDust , GlitterWear , and GlitterSpray have been included in the Extreme Beauty Makeup Collection since its inception. By customer buying trends, Mark Reid™ GlitterMark, has crossed over into the Beauty Makeup Collection. Just as Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists have found Mark Reid™ GlitterMark to be an easy to use glitter application, Beauty Makeup users have found that it is the perfect Beauty Accenting Makeup to add dazzle, sparkle and intrigue to Beauty Eye Makeup.

Mark Reid wanted a glitter that could be easily controlled with one hand. Cosmetic grade glitter suspended in a water base, packaged in a squeezable bottle with a fine tip applicator was designed by Mehron to meet the specifications that Mark Reid needed. Currently available in nine accenting colors, Mark Reid™ GlitterMark has been discovered by Beauty Makeup users. Mehron Beauty Makeup Customer have discovered that the applicator bottle of Mark Reid™ GlitterMark, can be controlled with one hand when applying their own Beauty Makeup Glitter Accents. The amount of pressure applied to the squeezable applicator bottle controls the thickness of the line, more pressure equals a thicker line. Left handed or right handed Beauty Makeup users have taken this Mehron Makeup Accent originally intended for Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists and made it their own. Seeing the buying trends of customers purchasing Mark Reid™ GlitterMark, Mehron now features it in their Extreme Beauty Accents category as well as their face and Body Painting Makeup Collection. When Theatrical Makeup Artists discover the ease of application and removal, Mark Reid™ GlitterMark will soon be featured in the Theatrical Makeup Collections. Clown buying trends of Mark Reid™ GlitterMark are already pointing towards it being included in the Clown Makeup Collection of Mehron.
Mark Reid™ GlitterMark may be the Mehron Makeup Product that ends up featured in all the Mehron Makeup Collections:
Mark Reid™ GlitterMark can be discovered at Authorized Mehron Retailers throughout the world. Mark Reid can be found touring the world Body Painting and Face Painting, instructing in Body Painting and Face Painting, competing in Body Painting and Face Painting competitions, and producing The North American Body Painting Championship.

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