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In May of 2010 Mehron officially introduced the Foundation Makeup for the digital age, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up at The New York Makeup Show. Celebré Pro HD Make-Up is the centerpiece of the expanded Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection. Made from ingredients that have an historic and anecdotal linage to preventing aging, erasing wrinkles, moisturizing and protecting skin, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up is evenly pigmented in a hue for every skin tone on earth. Since its addition to the Mehron Beauty Makeup Blog, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up has starred on the runways of major fashion shows, award shows, music videos, television, film, theater and has found a home in the Makeup Kits of Makeup Artists around the world. The May 20, 2010 Mehron Makeup Blog introduced Celebré Pro HD Make-Up to the public by discussing its debut at The New York Makeup. Raedawn Johnson was the Makeup Artist demonstrating Celebré Pro HD Make-Up at the May 2010 New York Makeup Show. Award Winning Makeup Artist Jinny, President of Jinny Make-Up, Co Creator of Paradise Makeup, and consultant to Cirque du Soleil for Makeup, demonstrated Body Painting at the Mehron Exhibit at the 2010 New York Makeup Show. The May 29, 2010 Mehron Blog was entitled

Mehron and The Makeup Show NY 2010

The Makeup Show New York 2010 was the venue for the Mehron debut of the Makeup Foundation of the Future, Celebré Pro-HD Foundation. The Mehron Exhibition at The Makeup Show New York 2010 featured presentations by guest Makeup Artist Raedawn Johnson, who introduced Celebré Pro-HD Foundation to the attendees at the Mehron Exhibition. The debut of Celebré Pro-HD Foundation wasn't the only Mehron Presentation available to the attendees at this Makeup extravaganza. The Mehron Exhibition contained all the Mehron Makeup Collections from across all the Mehron Makeup Lines including the world famous Paradise Makeup, AQ. To demonstrate the use of Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ, the co-creator, Jinny was on hand along with one of the finest Body Painting Models in the world, Sindy Perez.

Jinny, as is usually the case, dazzled the Makeup Show New York Attendees with her gifted imagination and command of Body Painting Makeup. Each of the two days of The Makeup Show New York, Jinny, President of Jinny Make-Up Artiste, Inc., created a Body Painting Masterpiece. After the completion of each Masterpiece, Emmy Award Winning Photographer Richard Esposito photographed Sindy Perez on the streets of Manhattan. The following are Photographs by Richard Espositio of Sindy Perez Body Painted by Jinny as she poses throughout New York City.
Jinny Houle and Paradise Makeup AQ
Sindy Perez Blends into the graffiti on the Streets of Manhattan with the colors of Paradise Makeup AQ, as painted by Jinny and photographed by Richard Esposito

Model Sindy Perez in Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron
Sindy Perez takes over a News Stand on the Streets of New York in a Body Painting created by Jinny with Mehron Body Painting Makeup, photo by Richard Esposito.
Richard Esposito photographs the work of Jinny Houle with Mehron Body Painting Makeup
New Yorkers continue on their way as the beautiful Sindy Perez poses in Mehron Body Paint as applied by Jinny and photographed by Richard Esposito
Mehron Body Painting Makeup, real life, real colors
Model Sindy Perez is ready to ride in her custom painted body by Jinny using Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ, photo by Richard Esposito
The Colors of Paradise Makeup AQ by Mehron
Unusual light fixtures highlight the Body Painting by Jinny using Paradise Makeup AQ as photographed by Richard Esposito.
Artistic creation of Jinny Houle using Paradise Makeup AQ
Photographer Richard Esposito captures the details of a Jinny Body Painting on Model Sindy Perez with Mehron Body Painting Makeup.

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