The Garuda Fashion Show

Continuing with his tradition of Themed Fashion Presentations, Mr. Toni Francesc, Fashion Designer, presented his latest creations in a Show entitled Garuda on February 12, 2011 at The Studio, Lincoln Center, New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Joining Mr. Francesc in his presentation for the third consecutive New York Fashion Week was a Team of Professional Makeup Artists keyed by Celebrity Makeup Artist Jackie Mgido. Using Mehron Professional Beauty Makeup, Ms. Mgido and team embellished the Models unveiling the Garuda Collection. Using accenting and complimenting Fashion Makeup from the Mehron Collections of Professional Makeup, Jackie Mgido and The Mehron Makeup Artist Team completed the Look that Toni Francesc was seeking for the presentation of his latest fashions. Capturing the night through his Award Winning Cameras for Mehron Makeup was Richard Esposito. In the previous Mehron Blog post behind the scenes photos were presented. The following photos by Richard Esposito are a look through his camera lenses from the point of view of the audience at the Garuda Show by Toni Francesc and Mehron Makeup.

A selection from the Garuda Collection by Toni Francesc at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, features a pattern reflective of the natural habitat of the Indonesian Garuda.

In India, Garuda is depicted as a silver and black bird of prey, this creation by Toni Francesc features the black and silver of ancient India's version of Garuda, accented with gold it hints at the other interpretations of Garuda where it is envisioned as a golden bird. L.I.P. Cream by Mehron, brings in yet another version of Garuda, where it is said to be a fiery red.

The classic interpretation of Garuda as a Golden Bird, is reflected in this stunning gold Toni Francesc design with tight cuts to represent the strength of Garuda and free flowing fabric to represent the flight of freedom of the Garuda. Mehron E.Y.E. Lashes in Feather Cut accented by Black Onyx E.Y.E. Powder hints at the keen powerful sight of the Garuda.

Garuda as a red winged bird, free, daring and willing to take chances are highlighted in this amazingly colored pattern and tailored cuts of this Toni Francesc design from the 2011 New York Fashion Week Show. The vibrant lips created by the Mehron Makeup Artist Team using L.I.P. Cream and L.I.P. Liner Pencil accentuates shades of red in this amazing dress.

Another tribute to the color mythologies of the Garuda are reflected in this Francesc Original, the broader top cut hints at the tales of the wing span of Garuda.

Garuda as a silver winged bird, strong, and powerful are embodied in this Francesc design from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Collection presented on February 12, 2011 in New York City.
Free in flight and color, the pattern, cut and flow of this Toni Francesc Design is a dynamic combination of cut and color. Mehron Fashion Makeup completes the Look, with color that never fades, just as the Garuda never gives up on any quest.

The Final Runway Walk of the Models of the Garuda Collection by Toni Francesc blends the various interpretations of Garuda throughout the ages, color, cut, strength and freedom are variously represented in the individual designs of the Garuda Collection.

Toni Francesc thanks the crowd for their reception to his Garuda Collection at the Spring 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presented at the Studio at 9:00 PM at The Studio, Lincoln Center, New York City, where myths are created and Mehron Makeup was founded in 1927, only blocks from where the world meets for Fashion Week.

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