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Makeup Artist Magazine recommends Mehron

The latest Make-Up Artist Magazine to be released is the March/April 2011 Issue 89, features two covers. A Special New York Edition has been released in preparation for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) that will take place at 82 Mercer Street in New York City, NY on April 9-10, 2011. Make-Up Artist Magazine produces the IMATS around the world presenting six shows in four countries throughout the year.

As with every Issue of Make-Up Artist Magazine, The March/April 2011 covers all aspects of Makeup Artistry with articles covering the Oscars to New York Fashion Week along with regular features throughout the magazine. In the Product News Section of Issue 89 on page 36, Mehron Tattoo CoveRing™ is covered in a highlight titled, " Take Cover". Tattoo CoveRing™ by Mehron is a product that has been used by Theatrical Makeup Artists for years to cover skin discolorations, tattoos and blemishes on their Performance Clients. Tattoo CoveRing™ has made its way out of the Theatrical Makeup Kit and into the Beauty Makeup Kit, becoming an essential for Bridal Makeup Artists who are faced with covering unusual and poorly placed tattoos on brides on their wedding days.

With the surge in tattoo artistry, Tattoo CoveRing™ by Mehron is now in the Makeup Kits of more and more Makeup Artists who have discovered that it is a perfectly blend-able color palette that enables them to make tattoos temporarily disappear for Senior Portraits, Wedding Photos, Theatrical Performances and Video appearances.

The writer/editor of Product News in the March/April 2011 Issue of Makeup Artist Magazine describes Mehron Tattoo CoveRing™ as, " a creamy, waterproof workhorse when it comes to covering tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations. Its thick consistency and high pigment load cover even the darkest inks easily. Stipple it on with a sponge and set it with powder; it wont rub or wear off."

Mehron Tattoo CoveRing TM
is not just for the professional makeup artist anymore, it is available around the world through Authorized Mehron Retailers. Anyone can learn to use Mehron CoveRing TM to cover tattoos or other skin imperfections when attending formal events, special occasion, or just out for the night without the dragon tattoo peeking out. For anyone with a tattoo, Tattoo CoveRing TM is an essential for business meetings, work, and job interviews.

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