Mehron on the Beauty Launch Pad

Mehron Makeup in Beauty Launchpad Magazine

Beauty Launchpad Magazine is a showcase for trends in beauty and fashion. Combining a printed edition with an interactive online presence, Beauty Launchpad covers all aspects of today's world of beauty, Fashion, Hair, Clothing, Makeup, and Trends are all topics for the writers and photographers of this magnifying magazine. Scanning the Runways of the world for the next wave in Fashion, Beauty Launchpad keeps more than a finger on the pulse of the Fashion World.

The March 2011 Issue of Beauty Launchpad Magazine cover story is March Madness, Spring's Best Hair, Fashion and Makeup and contains a feature story Be a Winner, Do you have what it takes? Throughout the March 2011 Issue as in every edition of Beauty Launchpad, there are highlights that bring today's product trends into focus. For Eye Makeup, Shock Sockets, highlights today's newest eye makeup trends with vibrant color and extreme accents. One of the choices for this feature is Mehron E.Y.E. Cream, a colorful long lasting eye makeup coloring that can be used in any number of ways, as a highlighter, an accenting color, eyeshadow or eyeliner. The Beauty Launchpad inset Shock Sockets, focuses on Mehron E.Y.E Cream in light purple which along with twelve other highly pigmented E.Y.E. Cream Color choices offers the right color selection for today's fashion.

E.Y.E. Cream by Mehron recently appeared on the Runways of New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week along with L.I.P. Cream by Mehron which was also highlighted in an inset of the 2011 March Issue of Beauty Launchpad. In a panel entitled Loud Mouths, the writer focuses on the bright hues of red that are back in vogue for lips. Unlike the red of lipstick past, the subtleties of red are now being explored in lip makeup. Beauty Launchpad highlights a Mehron Color of L.I.P. Cream that is a vibrant hue of red called, Poppy. L.I.P. Cream is a smooth supple lip makeup that includes a conditioning formula that protects and moisturizes lips as it adds the fashion colors of today. One of over a dozen deliciously seductive colors that comprises the color choicesof L.I.P. Cream, Poppy, is joined by other shades of red, like Valentine and Velvet Rose to offer a choice of bright, vibrant lip colors for today's fashion trend.

Mehron Beauty Makeup continues to be highlighted by the Beauty and Fashion Press as additions are made to the Beauty Makeup Collection offered by Mehron. Throughout its eighty year history Mehron has been the choice of Theatrical Makeup Artists and Performers. Mehron continues to apply eighty years of Makeup Knowledge into a Line of Beauty Makeup Products that are available to everyone for every day and every occasion. The color selection combined with Mehron Expertise in pigmentation, formulation and manufacturing makes Mehron Beauty Makeup a rocket on the Beauty Launchpad of today's fashion trends.

Today's Lip Makeup is L.I.P. Cream by Mehron

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