Newest Makeup Applicator

The Newest Makeup Applicator by Mehron, The Face Smoothie

The newest addition to the Mehron Makeup product line is an innovation in Makeup Application. The Face Smoothie is a soft acorn shaped makeup applicator that was developed to give you easy access to all the curves of the face for an even makeup application. The Face Smoothie was developed hard to reach crevices and contours of the face when applying cream and liquid makeup. The Face Smoothie is Latex Free, non-allergenic, and odor free.

The Face Smoothie, in smurf blue, comes in a convenient storage package. Clean it dry it and store it in the hard plastic capped container for use time after time. The Face Smoothie is named after its smooth texture and gentle feel that can so thoroughly apply cream and liquid makeup to the entire face in record time. Turn any Liquid Makeup or Cream Makeup Application into a flawless application that mimics Air Brush precision.

The Face Smoothie can be used by anyone to apply the perfect Makeup Foundation Application, and will be loved by working clowns when applying their Cream Makeup before jobs. The small cost of a Face Smoothie will be recaptured in the time saved before jobs for the working Clowns. In the Theatrical Dressing Room, Performers and Makeup Artists can cut down on Makeup Application Time with the easily handled Face Smoothie designed especially for the nuisances of the face. Easily apply an even application to the curves of the cheeks, and chin and reach into the normally time consuming lines around the nose and brow.

The Face Smoothie is an unusual shape for a Makeup Applicator, the researchers and developers at Mehron came up with this uniquely shaped Makeup Applicator after much experimentation and are satisfied that this is the Makeup Applicator that has been missing from makeup tables and dressing rooms. For dancers and performers who have to change makeup in a hurry from scene to scene, you won't know how you had the time after you try the time saving expert application of The Face Smoothie by Mehron. Look for this latest innovation in Makeup Applicators at Authorized Mehron Retailers that allows you to turn a Liquid Makeup or Cream Makeup Application into an Airbrush Makeup Look.

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