Thetarical Foundation Makeup

Professional Foundation Greasepaint

In this new century, Mehron Makeup has been receiving accolades, and most recently Awards, The 2011 Essence Beauty Award and the 2011 O-Ward, for Beauty Makeup. In the last century Mehron Makeup was receiving the praises of Performers from Clowns to Movie Stars for their Theatrical Makeup. The newest introductions to the Mehron Beauty Makeup Collection has its roots in the Professional Theatrical Makeup of its Foundation. One of the first Foundations that Mehron produced was the classic Greasepaint for Performers from the Circus to Vaudeville.

Throughout the years the ingredients have been refined, the colors modernized, and the texture enhanced, but over eighty years later, Mehron Professional Foundation Greasepaint is still found on the sets of film productions, in the dressing rooms of theatrical performances and in the trailers of circus clowns. Professional Foundation Greasepaint, currently available in twenty four colors, is one of the foundations upon which the Beauty Makeup Collection has been built. Because of the decades of research, fine tuning, and color enhancements that Mehron has done since the 1930's on Professional Greasepaint, Mehron has gathered the knowledge and expertise to produce Beauty Makeup that is infused with even color concentration, made from ingredients that are not only safe but also beneficial to the skin, and is durably long lasting.

Over the decades Performers have learned from experience that Mehron Professional Greasepaint provided them with an even, long lasting application that they would not have to worry about no matter how long the performance. Directors and Producers knew that they could count on the Makeup of Mehron to maintain its color consistency throughout even the longest of projects. They knew that the container of Mehron Professional Greasepaint would provide the same color from start to finish, and that even when a shoot lasted for six months. Performers, Directors and Producers knew that if a six month shoot required eighty containers of Mehron Professional Greasepaint, each and every container that they opened from number one to eighty would be the same exact color, alleviating their worries in the editing rooms.

No longer made with grease or fat as it was in the late 1800's through the early 1900's, Foundation Greasepaint is still widely used by performers throughout the entertainment industry. To create and Alien, Ghost, Monster, for Clowns, Opera Stars and Shakespearean Actors, Mehron Foundation Greasepaint now lanolin enriched, is found in Theatrical Makeup Kits around the world. As one of the early products of the Mehron Makeup Line, Professional Greasepaint Makeup is a Foundation Makeup upon which the newest Beauty Makeup Collections are built upon.

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