Treat Mom like a Star on Mother's Day

Mehron Makeup for Mothe's day

Mother's Day is observed in the USA on the second Sunday of May, as March comes to a close it's time to start thinking about a Mother's Day Treat. You can do the usual, slippers, candy and a card or you can do the surprising, a Gift of Award Winning Beauty Makeup from Mehron, The Professional Makeup. Mehron Beauty Makeup has just won Essence 2011 Beauty Makeup Award, followed closely with an O-Ward from O Magazine. Every Mom will be impressed with the gift of Beauty Makeup that achieved the recognition of an O-Ward from Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine.

The Beauty Makeup Collection by Mehron includes the newest in cream Makeup Foundation, Celebré Pro HD Make-Up , made with the skin pampering ingredients of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pomegranate, all historically recognized skin moisturizing, protective, natural elements. Celebré Pro HD Make-Up comes in a shade for the skin of every Mom. Unless your Mom is a Professional Makeup Artist, she may not know that Mehron has been the Makeup to the stars for over eight decades, she may not know that Mehron Makeup has probably been on the face of every clown that she has ever seen in her life, or that Mehron Makeup has been on the faces of Broadway Stars, Ballet Dancers, Opera Singers, and Television Personalities throughout her life. When you give her a gift of Mehron Beauty Makeup for Mother's Day, she will know that it is the smoothest, most even colored, long lasting, vibrant Makeup that she has ever used.

Throughout the past eighty plus years Mehron Makeup has attained invaluable knowledge creating special blends and colors for Studio and Stage, and has taken that knowledge and applied it to producing Beauty Makeup that soothes, smooths, protects, and moisturizes while enhancing beauty with colors and textures that can only be produced by the Makeup Company that has researched, developed, blended and manufactured Professional Makeup for Professional Performers since 1927.

Mom might not know that Mehron produces the Face and Body Painting Makeup preferred by Award Winning Face and Body Painting Makeup Artists throughout the world. What she might know is that Mehron Beauty Makeup is the name she saw when she was reading the 2011Essence Beauty Makeup Award recipients list. Or she might recognize Mehron as the maker of CHEEK Cream Makeup that was the recipient of the 2011 Spring Beauty Makeup O-Ward. Wheter she knows the name or not, Mehron is a Mother's Day gift that will spoil her with beauty enhancing makeup by the folks who continue to manufacture Mehron Theatrical Makeup. Mehron and make Mom a basket full of the Professional Beauty Makeup that has been backstage and off set of shows for over eighty years. Treat Mom for Mother's Day wth a gift of Mehron Makeup.

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