When The Clowns Compete

ProFACE Gala Competition Makeup for Clowns

As Mehron Makeup continues to receive press coverage and awards for its Beauty Makeup, The Clowns are never forgotten. Winning a 2011 Essence Beauty Award and a 2011 O-Ward from O Magazine for Beauty Makeup is certainty an honor. As Mehron forges ahead in building a Professional Beauty Makeup Collection, the original customers from the Performance Community are never forgotten. In the beginning, 1927, Mehron Makeup had a limited selection especially made for the performers of the day, one of the premier Mehron Makeup Products was Clown White, a pure white for the working Clowns and Mimes that was affordable, providing them with perfect coverage that lasted throughout their performances.

As the years have gone by, the Mehron Collection of Professional Makeup has grown to encompass hundreds of Makeup Products for every type of Makeup Application for the Theatrical Community and for everyone with the introduction of everyday Beauty Makeup. Throughout the years every Mehron Makeup Product Line has grown with the times, Clown Makeup is no exception. The Clown Makeup Collection still includes the perfect Clown White Face Makeup, added to it over the decades was Clown Pink, Clown White Lite, Foundation Greasepaint, HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend™, and now, ProFACE Gala Competition Makeup, the ultimate evolution in Clown Face Makeup. ProFACE Gala Competition Makeup comes in White, Black and Red.

Taking the best qualities of Mehron Clown White, the Researchers and Chemists have blended a creamier, smoother formulation for Clown Face Makeup that stay moist and fresh looking even through the longest performance days. Learning from over eight decades of producing Clown White, Mehron has produced the truest Black and Red Clown Face Makeup for their ProFACE Gala Competition Makeup line. Bold, vibrant and evenly pigmented, the colors of new ProFACE Gala Competition Makeup won't fade or dry out during the show. For the clowns of the circus, the clowns on the go, Mehron Clown Makeup is the only clown makeup they need to get their face on day after day.

Winning Awards for Beauty Makeup is putting smiles on the faces of the Mehron Team, while the Clowns continue to smiles on the faces of everyone with Mehron Clown Makeup.

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