The Next Generation at FABAIC

As a showcase for the Art of Face and Body Painting with Makeup, The Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC) includes everyone, from novice to professional, with events, seminars, and workshops for all. The producers of FABAIC have made it a point to cultivate the interest of the young in exploring the Art of Face and Body Painting. At the 2011 FABAIC, Mark Reid, will be instructing a youth class in the Art of Face Painting just as he did last year with the assistance of Kelly Virgona, who came to Orlando, Florida from Australia. The children who attended the 2010 Workshop presented by Mark and Kelly gave their undivided attention to these natural instructors and left vowing to become Face Painting Makeup Artists. The June 9, 2010 Mehron Makeup News Blog covered the Mehron sponsored workshop for children at FABAIC presented by Kelly Virgona and Mark Reid in a Blog entitled:

The Children of FABAIC

The 2010 face and Body Art International Convention is now a memory, not only for the Professional Makeup Artists from around the world who attended, competed and enjoyed the week, but also for forty two children who will never forget their experience at FABAIC. The children classes at FABAIC were sponsored by Mehron with Mehron Team Member Kelly Virgona and Mehron Artist Mark Reid instructing. Mehron had shirts made for the 42 children who participated that read, "Future Paradise Artist", and provided each child in attendance with an eight color palette of Paradise Makeup AQ.

The children wrote letters to Mr. Martin, Martin Melik, President of Mehron thanking him for the Mehron gifts and expressing the fun they had at FABAIC.Here is a samplings of the letters to date.

Future Paradise Makeup Artist letter to Martin Melik, President of Mehron Makeup
This letter signed by Carolina, reads; "I love my Mehron Paints you gave me. I had so much fun at the FABAIC. I am 5 but will always remember your gift. Carolina", accompanied by a drawing of a rainbow, flowers and a heart.

A Young Artist from FABAIC thanks Mehron for the classes
The letter signed by Nico reads, "Dear Mr. Martin, You must be a mind reader because your gift was perfect. Thank you for the Mehron paints. The Fabaic was so much fun! I love your paints! Love, Nico" Nico drew a picture of a crustacean to sign off.

A Young Artists at FABAIC thanks Mehron
A third letter that was signed with only a drawing of a powerful flowers with clouds reads," Dear Mr. Martin, Thank you for the Mehron Paints that you gave me in the FABAIC young artist class. I am also proud to wear the Mehron shirt. My Mom will buy me Mehron paints now due to your generosity."

Mehron is proud to have sponsored these young artists and have Mehron Team Member Kelly Virgona from Australia and Master Body Painting Artist Mark Reid instruct them in the art of painting with Paradise Makeup AQ. These children represent the future creativity of this art form. Just as the children expressed their delight in being a part of the FABAIC young Artists program, the Mehron Team was inspired and delighted by the creative juices that flowed from these future artists.

Mehron Team Member with the children of FABAIC 2010
Some of the Young Artists of FABAIC 2010 pose with Mehron Team Member Kelly Virgona, who was an instructor at the Children Classes of FABAIC 2010

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